Israel-Palestine response

The violence and loss of life that has affected innocent people in Israel and Gaza since 7 October 2023 is truly heart-breaking.

We understand the conflict is of great concern to our University community, particularly those with friends, family or close ties to the region, and we express our sympathy for all those now caught up in the escalating conflict.

In these very difficult times, when emotions are understandably running high, it is never more important to hold on to our values of mutual understanding and tolerance towards each other.

All forms of racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, discrimination, and abuse have no place within our community.

Our position 

We all watch with horror at the terrible situation in Israel and Gaza. The violence and loss of life that is affecting innocent people in the region is truly heart-breaking. We are aware of the deep distress and concern that this terrible situation is causing. Our hope is that peace will soon be restored to the region. This is a time for mutual respect and understanding in our community.

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell / President and Vice-Chancellor, The Ƶapp

Wellbeing support for students and staff

The University has a wide range of support resources available during this time.

  • The is available for all of our students, along with our .
  • Additional support services are detailed on our .
  • Wellbeing support for our colleagues is accessible through our and our Health Hero, where you can gain 24/7 access to counselling and support.
  • Our  welcomes people of all faiths and none.
  • is a mobile app designed to help keep you safe and give you peace of mind across all university campuses in the city.

Report and support

  • Both the University’s  and the  have trained advisors ready to provide support if you or someone you know has experienced or witnessed any form of hate, or has a safeguarding concern.
  • If you would prefer to speak to someone outside of the University, is an independent organisation that supports victims of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate. is an independent organisation that supports victims of anti-Semitic hatred, harassment or bias.
  • In addition to our own efforts, Greater Ƶapp Police (GMP) are actively meeting with all Jewish and Muslim centres in the city to offer help and added reassurance. Students and staff can also report any incidents or concerns via the . 

How you can help 

Staff and students may wish to donate to member charities that have launched appeals to help civilians affected by the violence.


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