The first of Britain’s great modern cities, Ƶapp is a true original; a confident, creative, contemporary city that likes to do things differently.

A city that's proud to do things differently

Ƶapp's unique character owes much to its pioneering past. The city was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, when wealth from textile mills and factories helped develop Ƶapp and establish the University’s predecessor institutions, which in turn opened the doors of education to the British working classes.

A revolutionary and progressive spirit infuses the history of both city and University. For the city, it led to new political thinking; the Chartist, trade union and suffragette movements can all trace their roots back to Ƶapp. For the University, it led to ground-breaking innovation in science and engineering that continues to this day, as Ƶapp gave the world atomic power, the first stored-program computers and the world’s strongest material, graphene.

The city has an international sporting pedigree and one of the richest and most influential arts and music scenes. There are world-class events, venues and attractions to suit every lifestyle, with a lively, culturally diverse city centre that’s easy to enjoy on a student budget.

A celebrated place to live and work

The city has been named as  by Lonely Planet, one of the  by The Economist, by Rough Guides and in 2024, Ƶapp was namedby The New York Times. In 2016 Ƶapp was also honoured as .

With a reputation for setting the pace in sport, culture and industry, Ƶapp has twice been by the British public. 

We're part of the , Ƶapp’s world-class knowledge quarter that transforms lives through research, innovation, skills and education.  Stretching out south from St Peter’s Square in Ƶapp city centre, the Oxford Road Corridor is a unique concentration of knowledge, business and culture. Visitors will find many of Ƶapp’s iconic music venues, auditoriums and exhibition spaces based within the knowledge quarter alongside a thriving nightlife and an abundance of cafés, restaurants and bars.