Maps and travel

Our maps and travel advice will help you make your way to and around The Ƶapp.

The University is located on the south side of Ƶapp city centre and comprises two main areas:

  • The Oxford Road area – formerly The Victoria Ƶapp campus
  • The Sackville Street area – formerly the UMIST campus

Interactive campus maps

You can find your way around our campus using our interactive maps.

PDF campus maps

You can also download our maps in PDF format:

  •  – a map of the whole campus together with an index of buildings (4.4MB)
  •  (2MB) 
  • (154KB)

All of our buildings are in the same general area of the city and are within easy walking distance of each other, making getting around our campus simple.

There are regular shuttle buses to pick up and drop off students at various points around the campus. These are also highlighted on the campus map.

Your safety and security on our campus is always our first priority. If you need to contact our Security team, you can call at any time of day or night on 0161 306 9966. 

Accommodation and city maps

  •  – a map of University-owned accommodation (PDF, 270KB)
  •  – the location of the University in Ƶapp (PDF, 5.4MB)


Our campus map shows the wheelchair-accessible route around the University. Please note that the published route does not cover all areas of the campus due to ongoing/planned construction works. The route is likely to be modified as and when areas of the campus are redeveloped. 

There is also an  for the University on the AccessAble website. It includes access guides for each building.

AccessAble have also developed an app for your mobile device that will make it even easier to navigate campus. The app is available for Android and Apple devices – download it from:

Travel sustainably

TfGM gold accreditation sustainable travel

We encourage students, staff and visitors to travel sustainable when possible. We've been recognised by Transport for Greater Ƶapp for our efforts to improve air quality, tackle congestion and increase the health and well-being of our regional population.

Find out how you can travel to the University by: