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Professor Jamie Woodward named one of UK’s top environmental professionals

Jamie Woodward, Professor of Physical Geography at The Ƶapp has been named one of the most impactful environmental professionals in the UK in The ENDS Report Power List 2024. 

The names 100 UK environmental professionals who have made the greatest impact in the past two years, with Professor Woodward one of the 10 academics identified as shaping the science on environmental issues.  

Through his work on microplastic pollution in Ƶapp's rivers, Jamie Woodward was one of the earliest academics to raise awareness about the issue of widespread discharges of untreated sewage into UK rivers and waterways. His research group demonstrated that the build-up of microplastics was directly linked to untreated sewage discharges outside periods of exceptional rainfall.  

Professor Woodward has since worked tirelessly to expose this sewage scandal, and engage policymakers across Parliament and local government, to ensure water companies are held to account for their illegal practices.  

He has appeared in documentaries, including Paul Whitehouse’s ‘ on the BBC, has been interviewed for both local and national TV and radio news and addressed attendees at the during a panel on sewage pollution. 

On Saturday, 8 June, Professor Woodward will talk at the Universally Ƶapp Festival, joined by Matt Staniek, founder of Save Windermere. The free event, ‘Exposing the sewage scandal’ will wade into a discussion on the why sewage is being dumped into our precious rivers, lakes and coastal waters, and the impacts on nature, wildlife and public health – and the link to microplastic pollution – and how we can all get involved to do something about it. 

Register for free tickets at  


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