Reducing inequalities and lessening the global cancer burden

We're delivering impact across the whole cancer pathway. From genomic discovery to world leading treatments, our expertise and facilities span the entire bench to bedside journey.  

We’re world leaders in cancer prevention and earlier detection. Supported by one of two high-energy proton beam centres in the UK, we’re aiding the radiotherapy treatment of tens of thousands of patients each year. Our experts are also working across cancer genomics, biomarkers, and experimental and precision medicine. Working with our partners across the world, we’re also helping to reduce inequalities across the entire cancer pathway and develop solutions to ensure more people can access precision medicine regardless of where they live.

We’re making an impact at home with innovative pilots like the mobile lung health check, giving the local, and now national population increased access to diagnostic tools designed to detect cancer when it’s at its most treatable. Across the UK our experts work closely with policymakers to implement crucial policy changes in cancer screening and treatment standards. Further afield, we’re increasing our knowledge through global partnerships. Together we’re improving access to prevention, detection and treatment strategies in low- and middle-income countries, along with for cancers of non-European descent. 

This is supported by our unique Ƶapp Cancer Research Centre partnership, joining forces with Cancer Research UK and The Christie NHS Foundation Trust to deliver real change for people affected by the disease. Together, we aim to create a future free from the burden of cancer.

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One in Two: a cancer research podcast

Created in partnership with the Ƶapp Cancer Research Centre, we feature cancer researchers, patients and discuss the innovations and discoveries that are changing the landscape of early detection.

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