We offer a wide range of support, from easily accessed online resources to one-to-one appointments with specialists from our award-winning services.

Mental health and wellbeing 

Your health and wellbeing is important which is why we offer dedicated mental health and wellbeing support at Ƶapp.

  • Confidential help is always available. We offer a free Counselling Service for one-on-one consultations and 24/7 access to Qwell – an online platform for immediate, anonymous support.  
  • We provide resources and workshops in mindfulness and stress management, while our Disability Advisory and Support Service offers guidance for students with a disability applying to the University, plus tailored support for ongoing needs. 

Academic and on-campus support  

We want you to feel fully supported at home and on campus throughout your academic journey.    

  • Academic advisers are on hand to guide you through the transition from school to university and beyond, providing specific help and guidance as you adjust to university life.   
  • Our Peer Mentor and Peer Assisted Study schemes are support structures led by students, for undergraduate students.  The schemes aim to give you a sense of belonging and identity with the University and ultimately, to enhance your student experience. 
  • If you’re moving into University halls of residence, our ResLife team will be there to help you settle in and offer ongoing assistance to make you feel at home.  
  • Safety on campus is a top priority, and we have robust security measures in place to maintain a secure campus environment.  
  • The Student Union (SU) and student community also provide a wealth of resources and events to ensure that you are fully supported throughout your university journey. 

Halls of residence support

Support for specific communities   

We know that everyone will have different areas they'll need support with, and we're here make sure that we can help with your general and specific needs and requirements.

  • Specialised advisers are available to provide academic and personal guidance, while our student societies offer supportive networks, mentorship and resources tailored to your needs.  
  • We also collaborate with external organisations to offer targeted scholarships and career opportunities for our students.   

Disability support  

Every individual's unique needs are recognised and addressed by our disability support services.   

  • Our dedicated Disability Advisory and Support Service provide personalised help and a supportive community for students with disabilities. This includes academic guidance, support with emotional wellbeing, help with assistive technology and much more.  
  • Our campus facilities and services are designed with accessibility in mind, and we work closely with our students to ensure that the learning experience is barrier-free.  

Financial wellbeing

We provide financial advice and measures to help you feel confident about money matters. 

  • Alongside providing information about scholarships, bursaries and loans, we also host a range of financial workshops and seminars and offer guidance on budget creation and management.  
  • Ƶapp is a busy city with numerous part-time jobs that allow you to earn extra income while studying. Our Careers Service can help you explore part-time work opportunities. 
  • Cost of living advice to help you budget while you study.