Research strategy and achievements

Our University is a powerhouse of research underpinned by a strategic approach that ensures we’re ranked among the leading research universities globally.

Our focus is on achieving excellence and impact across our diverse portfolio of cross-disciplinary research activities. We attract and develop the best people and provide a research environment where great ideas are born, which we've been internationally recognised for through our rankings

Our research teams include two Nobel Laureates, Regius Professors, and celebrated Fellow of Academies and Learned Societies working with our research staff, postgraduate researchers and technicians in a world-class research environment.

Our research strategy

Our five research beacons are pioneering examples of interdisciplinary excellence at scale in , , , , and .

Our interdisciplinary collaborations through our research institutes and our , and Sustainable Futures research platforms catalyse research agendas and external partnerships. We collaborate regionally, including through the  and globally, including strategic research partnerships with leading universities in areas of mutual strength and shared interest.

We’ve set five priorities for delivering our research and discovery strategy:

  • accelerating interdisciplinary research;
  • developing research leadership and creativity;
  • focusing on digital, creative and environmental sustainability;
  • an open and responsible research environment;
  • inspiring student learning with our research-intensive environment.