Research impact

The Ƶapp’s research delivers economic, environmental, social, cultural, health and wellbeing benefits across the globe.

We use our research expertise and pioneering spirit to discover, develop and create innovative solutions to the world's biggest problems and transform lives.

Driving invention and innovation

We work with government, business and not-for-profit organisations to deliver impact through innovation and commercialisation, including:

  • Our internationally-leading role in  and 2D materials, supported through the  and .
  • Putting academic and student inventors’ ideas to work through our , reinforcing our presence as a top university for invention.
  • Driving digital transformation through our  network of more than 1,700 researchers.

Transforming local communities

Our health research delivers benefits within the context of Greater Ƶapp’s devolved health and social care budget through partnerships with the NHS Trusts in  and the .

The research and innovation strengths of our partnerships were brought together in an unprecedented way to form the COVID-19 research rapid response group to help address the public health crisis.

We also help Ƶapp’s arts, culture and creative industries thrive through 

Fighting climate change

We're committed to research that improves the environment.

Our research into climate change has led to climate adaptation strategies being put in place across Europe, with our  platform producing innovative solutions to urgent environmental challenges.

Global impact

We use our research to positively impact communities, such as:

  • Our policy engagement institute, , uses research-informed evidence and ideas to influence and challenge policymakers.
  • Ensuring public engagementcivic engagement, and cultural engagement are all core parts of our social responsibility plan.  
  • KEF results, where we are sector-leading for public and community engagement and research partnerships.